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    I have a HF 20% coupon (someone gave me) good till Feb. 15th, but I was wondering how often HF sends out these coupons and how I go about getting them? I am signed up on their website to receive email updates, but I never get any 20% coupons. Just wondering because I would like to try to use a coupon on the TS3650, but I may not have enough cash by the 15th.


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    I've found that the guys on the BT3Central forum are always on top of the HF coupons. Look in the Bargin Alerts section.
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      Well I called 4 Home Depots in my area (Vero Beach, FL) and none of them will honor the 20% Harbor Freight Coupon. I was told that they would only match the price on identical products... "apples for apples" as they say. So those that were able to swing the 20% off should consider themselves blessed I tried and I may try again someday



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        I am happy for those that have been able to get HD to match competitors coupons, but I personally don't consider the TS-3650 and HF table saw in the same class. At the same time, a price match is kinda useless if you are going to limit it to identical items. Its tough to find another store that sells Ridgid woodworking tools like the TS, BS, Planer, etc. If by identical they really mean equivalent items, that would be understandable, but there are no contractor saws made by anyone that I know of that offer all the features of the TS-3650, so it would be easy for them to decline to accept a competitors coupon if they wanted to play hardball.

        Can you name another TS that comes with a mobile base that is anywhere near as good as the 3650?

        Anybody else have an easy on/off with no-tools blade guard?

        Anybody else's saw have wobbly legs or a mix of metric and imperial bolts?
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          I can't say for sure on a fair comparison as I have not seen one in person yet and am not even sure if they are available for purchase at the moment, but I was recently reading the press release for the new Delta 10" Left Tilt CONTRACTOR'S SAW® with 30" BIESEMEYER® Commercial Fence System and Table Board (Model 36-982) available supposedly sometime in Feb (

          It looks like it may be a pretty decent saw and possibly at a comparible price with the TS3650. Can't say of any promises of a mix between metric and standard bolts though! I personally don't have a wobbly leg problem (not on the saw anyways ). Looks like it does have a solid cast iron table though and the legs look an awful lot like the legs from the TS3650...... but it also looks to have 2 additional legs/supports on the right side at the end of the wing. The total table space also looks like it is longer than the Ridgid (which may explain the leg supports) and may have a similar blade guard. The link to the instructions is broken so I can really verify any details for sure. It does have a lift system, but not sure how well it works with the support legs at the one end.

          I also have several HD within a few miles of my local HF and none of them will accept any of the HF coupons. But I still managed to walk out of HD today without a new jointer and/or planer, although I will admit my will power is dwindling! I see that Lowes is now offering a $30 gift certificate with purchase of the Delta 6" jointer, but will do some research on comparison b/n that and the Ridgid.

          Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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            That new Delta does look promising. I like the idea of the included dust collection with 4" dust port. The mobile base does not look a good as the Ridgid, and with that brace across the front of the saw, it might be something to catch your foot on. With the mobile base design they use they can probably get away without the leg panels that the Ridgid has on the front and back.

            The added table space and legs is good, if the changed it to be a router table then they'd have a great package.
            "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006