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  • Tips from your shop

    I always enjoy reading the “shop tips” section in woodworking magazines, whether it’s a different way of doing something, a new jig or solution to a problem. Recently Bob D suggested connecting black pipe together to extend the length of your pipe clamps… simple, but a great idea! I’d enjoy hearing other’s woodworking tips. It doesn’t have to be an original, just something you find helpful.

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    Biscuits as a spline

    Here’s something to start. While assembling a coffee table, I discovered there was no way to attach the cross pieces between the rails and the rails to the legs. I had already cut slots for biscuits in the rails and ends of the cross pieces, so using my biscuit joiner I extended the slots on the cross pieces all the way to one end. I placed the biscuit to the rails and then slid the cross pieces into place.
    Next time I’ll do a better job thinking about assembly when I’m designing a project.