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Herc-u-lift... can't set it up?

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  • Herc-u-lift... can't set it up?

    I'm following the instructions... I think? but I cannot seem to mount the lower bracket under the leg stands with the castrers on. Am I supposed to take these off before mounting? I must have something wrong, since I cannot see my implementation working, as the lower section seems to high to me

    Help pls


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    I think I got it?

    I loosened some hardware and flipped the casters to point in another direction (I actually had to remove one of the upper castors to get the damed thing under the saw) It seems to be working fine now though.

    It's a very "interesting" design to say the least. Works well though from what I can tell... I was driving it around the shop LOL. I am wondering though if the casters resting on the floor when it is locked down position if that is bearing any weight that should be pushed out to the legs? I have noticed a little (you need to give it a nudge) wobbliness since I added the herculift that I hadn't noticed before.


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      Many of the bolts in the lift system are supposed be left loose to allow for slack/play for the lift to work properly. The nuts should only be on far enough to be flush with the bottom of the bolt. When my saw is lowered I have no wobble at all. Sometimes I need to lift it and move it an inch or so to one side or another and set it down again if there is a bit of wobble which I always attribute to any uneveness in my floor or just getting a caster to turn to the side properly. If that doesn't work for you then I would check that all the bolts are set properly and not too tight wich might not allow the system to drop completely. Or you may need to adjust one of the feet at the bottom of the leg to level it out properly.

      I just assembled a hurc-u-lift for my new planer last night and had a similar problem. After lossening one bolt and re-adjusting a leg on the stand all my wobble went away.

      Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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        They are a pain to add.

        what I did was assemble and leave everything loose except where it mounts to legs.

        The 4 pieces that you attach to the legs.

        Slide it underneath which can take 3 or 4 arms to do.

        Line up one hole and attach 4 corner bolts with locknuts,tighten until both nut and bolt are flush not to crictial but does help.

        Aline the 2 pieces and adjust the center u-bolt and tighten the front plate which should be left loose to help in sliding it under the thing.

        Put 2 pieces of UHMW tape where it rides on the two pieces lift and enjoy how strong your feet are.

        Left casters loose no problems with either TS or TP

        Maybe your floor is really out of wack.

        One more thing set feet as per the Manual on this site.

        Now putting the delta universal base on the jointer is a pain

        To small a foot print needs wood or get the Woodcraft one for $59.00 and put the plywood in between
        Not responsible for speeling mistakes


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          Reef12, that is good info on the jointer. I hope to assembly mine this week and was in debate on what I wanted to use for a mobile base or make my own. I am still a little surprised and/or steamed that they didn't design that big 'ol heavy tool to also work with the hurculift . Seems to fit almost every other floor tool except that one. I don't get it.

          I may have a chance to drive to Woodcraft this weekend. Would you recommend that I wait and get the mobile base first and assemble it all together, or can I assemble the jointer and then lift it onto the mobile base later without too much trouble? I will most likely need to call a friend over to help me lift it up on the base and since most of my friends are not really into woodworking and don't appreciate such things we will most likely end up drinking beer and losing part of the day when I could be playing with my new tools when done (ya, I do have a lack of self control at times.... ).

          Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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            Set the leveling feet to zero

            I had problems until I set the leveling feet to zero. The set up instructions tell you to level the table base before you add the Herc-U-Lift device. I had the leveling feet set up 1/2 inch or so and the Herc-U-Lift wouldn't work. Once I screqwed down the levelers flush with the bottom of he table legs the lift mechanism worked fine.