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Tracks for sleds.

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  • Tracks for sleds.

    Has anyone used the bar version of the track to make sliding sleds/jigs? I wanted to know how the fit was before I bought a few of these things.


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    I suggest the Incra Miter Slider from Woodpecker,

    It's adjustable so you're sure of a good fit.
    Poplar Branch Wood Crafts


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      20 bucks each huh? Is this what you are using? I'm tempted to just try and cut some hardwood to size instead.


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        If you mean the UHMW bars at teh bottom of the page, yes, I use them for my jigs. The work great.

        I've installed them two ways.

        First method: put a strip of double sided tape on the bars. Put the bars in the TS slots. Put the jig bottom on the TS. Pres the bottom to stick to the bars. CAREFULLY remove the whole setup, base and bars. Use screws in piloted, countersunk holes. Use a chisle to clean up the "squish" in the UHMW bars.

        Second method: Pu the bars in the slots. Put the jig base on the TS. Drill through the base and into the bars using a countersink drill bit. Be careful not to drill through the bar and screw up the track on your TS. Screw the base to the bars through the top of the base. Use a chisel to trim up the Squish" in the UHMW strips (if any).
        Ian Wilson


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          It's not really that much more than the ttrackusa bar.
          And, I do have a couple of pieces but I caught it on sale through Woodpeckers email club.
          Usually, I make them from hardwood but keeping an exact fit with humidity changes 'can' be a challenge. The UHMW is great too.
          Poplar Branch Wood Crafts