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  • rigid planer knives

    Im looking for planer knives for my 13" ridgid planer. I have heard rigid is getting out of the woodworking tools and I am afraid I won't be able to get them in the future.
    I would be surprised if any other brands fit due to the notched ends on the blades. All my attempts to find them on the web have come up empty. Home depot search brings up nothing.
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    A few of my HD in the area cary spare blades for the TP1300 and some do not. If you go into the store and look you may see them, they are usually hanging on the wall behind the display at my local stores. If not they should be able to order them for you. I have read on another thread here that some people were able to find replacement blades for the Ridgid Jointer at Sears, I don't know if they may also have a comparable knife for the planer or not.

    As far as Ridgid getting out of the woodworking tools, I highly doubt that. I haven't heard anything like that. Who or where was your source for that? I might be curious to look into that.

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      Old news... I hope.

      Don't count out Ridgid just yet...
      From what i understand, back in 2003, Emerson decided to stop the maufacture of the Ridgid line of tools but that One World Technologies, a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based TechTronic Industries, which manufactures Ryobi power tools would be taking over the manufacture of the Ridgid line.

      I haven't heard anything about One World discontinuing the line.
      Let's hope!

      If someone knows otherwise, please pipe in on this...
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        ya beat me!

        Ya beat me to the punch WW.

        I think that David heard about the 2003 deal. But i think they are going strong... but you never know these days.
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          I don't think that the Ridgid tool line is going anywhere, but considering the level of support that Home Depot gives Ridgid parts, it might be a good idea to pick up another pair of planer knives.

          My local Home Depot has them in stock. The SKU is 358-845. If you call a store and give them this number, they can check the computer system to see if it in stock.