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  • Zci

    Ok guys I tried to do a search on this but came up with nothing and I know it's been discussed a lot here. I have a TS3612 and want to make a ZCI for it. Can anyone step me through how to make one and what they made it out of?

    Thanks, Jason

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    This is how i did it...

    Check out this video.

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      Hey thanks that was a gret video. The part I was wondering about is holding the ZCI inplace while running the saw but I guess it's not important? My factory plate has a screw in the front and a catch in the back to keep it flat against the table.


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        What I do with my ZCI's to hold the back down is use GOOP Contact Adhesive & Sealer and fasten one of those plactic mirror mounting gizmos to the ZCI. Most any hardware or big box store should have both items. Don't know if you have one in Des Moines but I get mine at Menards.
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          Dave, that is a pretty good tip for the back "notch" to hold it down. I may give that a try on my next one. I think I have a few left over from a bathroom project last year. Thanks!

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            Search worked for me, try this link:

            FYI, in most cases it is only necessary to post your question in one forum. You certainly may continue to do so if you wish, but I doubt you will get responses in more than one of them.

            The search feature is kinda flaky in its behavior I think. It doesn't like common words like zero and if your word is too short for its liking it will refuse to search, so something like ZCI is not a valid search unfortunately. I would like to see the search feature relaxed a bit (Josh, can you do that?) and I'll take my chances on getting some hits which are a little off topic, that's better than getting nothing in my opinion.
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              WWS, they actually work rather well. The place I get mine at has a few different sizes available and the one that works with my 3612 is the ¼" deep one. However, if you have a 3650, the one I use may not work on your saw as the throat plates on the 3612 and the 3650 are different. If you need one with a larger lip than ¼", you could build up the bottom of the ZCI by glueing a piece or two of a tongue depressor to the bottom of the ZCI.
              I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                A good place for UHMW for ZCI

                Hi don't want to hijack the thread but a good place to get UHMW material if you should be so inclined to use it is here.

                great prices and cheap shipping have anything your heart desires.


                I ordered 8' of polyethylene in 3/8" to use on the 3650 taps easy and cuts like butter on the router table using double stick tape to pattern.

                I did try some first from local plastic company but his is only 1/4"

                Total cost was a tad over $26.00 for enough to make 6 of them so around $4.30 a piece.

                cheaper then wood.

                I don't know of any 3/8 wood out their and Red oak cost more then that per bf here.

                Hope they did not cut it into 1 foot pieces as it is sold in foot lenghts
                Not responsible for speeling mistakes