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  • 3650 Fence and rails

    I have a customer who wants to buy the 3650, but he intends to use his 48" Biesmeyer on it. I have a Craftsman with a 24" fence, so I mentioned that I might be interested in buying his 36" rails. We didnt discuss a price, but considering he isnt planning on using them what does anyone think a fair price would be? They are the same system and I really wouldnt need the fence, just the rails.

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    What's it worth to you to upgrade your TS? The seller has no real need for the fence by itself so he'll probably insist that you buy both the fence and rails. Considering you'll have no real need for the fence it may sound like alot to you but if I was the seller, I'd want something in the area of $125-$150.
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      As a seller, I would be pleased with $75. As a buyer, I would be thrilled with $50.


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        Thanks guys. I was thinking around $100 max.

        We do have another option that will be great for the customer if the DH will go for it. There is a set of 24" rails from the old version of this saw that someone left behind and grabbed the 36" (convienient huh?) well Im sure we could make the customer happy to give him the 24"s with a good discount on his saw.

        I doubt I would need the 36's. Maybe its the cold streak nowk, but I dont see working that much in the garage, and if I really need a wide rip, I can use my table saw at my day job