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TS2400LS Zero Clearance Insert...What are my choices?

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  • TS2400LS Zero Clearance Insert...What are my choices?

    I've read many posts on this site about zero clearance inserts for the TS2400LS. I have the orange TS2400LS, which I bought very recently (I read there is a difference between newer and older ones).

    Anyway, I couldn't find a definitive answer and need to know: What zero clearance inserts fit the TS2400LS and where can I buy them?

    I've seen posts for different brands, and it seems that some people favor ones made by Leecraft. But I don't know if they are available for the new TS2400LS.

    I'd really appreciate any input about the quality of the different brands, where they can be purchased, and what specific model numbers fit the (new) TS2400LS saws. Thanks!
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    The best idea I've seen for zero clearance inserts is to make your own if you have a stationary sander (belt/disk, drum in a drill press, etc.) and a router. Take the time to carve one out of any stable stock you have on hand, use it to make a template for your router, and from then on they cost about $2.95.

    Hardwood plywood works the best because it will hold the threads of the leveling screws and be warp-free. Seal it with shellac if you live where the humidity is high. The hard plastic ones I have are only $15 but they stink baaad when first cut. They are very stable but I'll be making my own when these wear out. At that cost you can have one for every blade you use.
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