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Can you use a Power Twist Link Belt on a 3650?

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  • Can you use a Power Twist Link Belt on a 3650?

    My father bought me a power Twist Link belt to use on my 3650 but it is designed for a V belt not a flat belt. Can I still use it on this table saw?
    Thanks for your help.

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    No, not on the 3650 but you can use it on a band saw if you have one. Actually, the serpentine belt on the 3650 is as good as the link belts and alot less expensive.
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      To make the link belt work, you'd have to change the pulleys, but there's no need as Dave pointed out.


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        Another vote for keeping the original belt on the 3650. That belt is very flexible, fits in the special pulley grooves, and does not develop the problems of a regular v-belt that cause vibration. And, as also noted, you would need to install different pulleys. Totally unnecessary and would not improve performance.
        Joe Spear