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  • bandsaw problems

    I was setting up my new Ridgid bandsaw last weekend and I am having some problems. After I had set it up according to the manual and started doing some test cuts I noticed a burning rubber smell and I assumed it was the belt that links the motor to the saw. I took the belt off and re-aligned the motor again according to the manual and made sure the tension on the belt was OK and re-started the saw. I let it run and the smell came back and I watched the belt spinning and didn’t see any smoke or anything. I then opened the bottom cabinet and saw that the bottom tire was half on and half off and it was shredding. There was a pile of black shredded rubber at the bottom of the cabinet so I knew I had found the source of the problem. I put the tire back on the wheel and made sure the two wheels were in alignment with a straight edge and then re-tensioned the blade. I started the machine up again and about 30 seconds later the tire came flying off of the wheel and the blade obviously fell off of the bottom wheel also. I am sure that I did something wrong in setting up the machine but since I followed the manual I am not sure what I did wrong. Has anyone ever seen this happen? Should I get a new set of tires?



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    With it being that new I would try taking it back to HD or to a service center and have it repaired. Could have been a flaw in the tire to begin with.
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      Better yet, if you've had it less than 90 days, take it back and get a new one.
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