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2400/2400LS table flatness...

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  • 2400/2400LS table flatness...

    I just purchased a TS2400LS--my first table saw.

    When I put my certified straight edge to the table, and a light just beyond it, I could see light shining through in some areas between the straight edge and the table (in other areas absolutely no light came through).

    I held the straight edge only to the main table (not the moveable extension). As best I can tell, the table dips in the center section and toward the back right corner.

    I don't have feeler gauges, so I don't know how large the gaps are, but they are readily noticeable and somewhere between 1/32" and 1/16".

    I need to know if this is a problem or not. I guess I need to know how flat I should expect the table on this portable saw to be, and the proper way to measure the table for flatness.

    Thanks for any advice and information you can provide.
    So many saws, so few fingers...

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    I purchased a 2400 a couple months ago and had the same problem with it .. I returned it to HD and asked for a new one. The tool dept. mgr and I open another one and it was perfect. So needless to say ... I saw it as a problem !.. You stated that you just purchased it ... did you purchase it new? If so ... I'd return it and take your straight edge with you. Tell them you want to check out the saws before you take another unit home.


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      I'm updating this for anyone else who might have a similar problem.

      First, thanks for the response, lwc/vcc. I took your advice and took my TS2400LS back to Home Depot today.

      I explained the problem to the tool department manager at the first HD I went to. He agreed the table should be flat, but didn't have any in stock. He invited me to come back after tomorrow if I couldn't find a flat one.

      So I went to another HD that had one in stock. The employee in the tool department there was also helpful and set about pulling one down. Another employee, some type of assistant manager ("AM"), helped get it down, but questioned the tool dep't worker when he began to open the saw.

      The tool guy explained that I had bought a warped one and that we were checking this one for flatness. A look of disdain instantly appeared on the AM's face.

      When I broke out my straight edge, the AM quickly and forcefully told me that this was a construction-grade saw and that... That's all I let him get out before I said, more forcefully, "That doesn't matter, it is supposed to be flat." At that point he shut up, but he was plainly disgusted.

      I checked the table as best as I could in the store and it is apparently flat. So I told the AM that I would get my saw and meet him in returns.

      They exchanged it without any more mouth, but when the returns cashier asked the AM if the saw should be marked "RTV," he said no. So he's putting it back on the shelf for some other customer to buy.

      Once I get this new saw unpacked, I'll have my neighbor, who is a professional woodworker, help me look it over. If I find problems with it, I will take it back to the first HD I went to. It is in a nicer part of town than the second one, and that is why I went there first--better customer service.

      .....As a side note, I saw a notice while I was in the returns line that beginning next month, HD will not process any returns or exchanges without the original sales receipt AND will not allow any returns or exchanges after 30 days.

      I rarely want to return anything after that long, but this is just one more way that HD is leaving customer service behind. A 90 day return policy is standard most places I shop (Lowe's, Sears, etc.)
      So many saws, so few fingers...


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        I'm glad to hear that you got a new one. Construction grade or not, it should have a flat table top! I think you'll like it, it's ready to use right from the box, but if you're going to use it for woodworking you'll want to make sure the blade and fence are aligned to the miter slot. The directions are covered pretty well in the manual so there shouldn't be a problem. There are plenty of links on this forum as to how you can do the measuring.

        At some point you'll want to get a better blade and probably a better miter gauge, but the standard ones are good enought till your budget allows for upgrades.

        Good Luck and go make some saw dust!


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          It's a shame

          Lee, thanks for sharing your HD experence.
          I have to say that i've never been overly impressed with HD's customer service. There are a few of the orange aprons that know how to care for the customer, but the majority (i have found) are not exactly passionate about what the customer's needs are.

          Yoroshiku onegai shimasu