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MSUV on sale @ Home Depot $99

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    MSUV a big hit

    The gang at SawMill Creek think the MSUV is a great buy for $99 too.

    Some of their comments:

    Wow is this thing SWEET !!

    " I just finished mounting my DeWalt slider on it. I can't believe how quick and easy it is to set up. "

    " was a real pain to set up the work supports that don't store with the unit as nicely as the Ridgid does. "

    " This Ridgid is just too easy. I love the flip open one set of legs and lower it down. "
    I applaud the designers of this thing for its stability and ease of setup. "
    " The extendable work supports are just awesome in their effectiveness and simplicity ! "

    " A lot of you out there already have this wonderful piece of equipment so you know what I'm talking about. Now I can start kicking myself for not getting one sooner. "

    " I just got one too... and I don't even have a Miter saw.... "

    " I can't beleive that they can build these things for $99!!!.. Ball bearing wheels, gas strut lifts, roller outfeeds, etc. This thing is awesome! "

    " Folks if you are contemplating this stand, just finish your coffee and go buy it. It is by far the best designed stand on the market of this type. "

    I think they like it.
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      Does anyone know how the MSUV compares to the Harbor Freight version?



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        I would recommend the Ridgid over the HF.

        Originally posted by jordi
        Does anyone know how the MSUV compares to the Harbor Freight version?

        I too briefly looked at the HF version and opted out. I do not think the construction is nearly as good a quality as the Ridgid. It also seems that you need to lift the assembly up on the legs when you want to use it, where as the Ridgid MSUV never needs to leave the ground when "opened" for use. I do not know that for sure, but that is how it appeared to me and perhaps someone else took a closer look and can verify it. I also appreciate the larger wheels on the Ridgid and think they are more rugged and durable than the HF version.

        All in all, after a comparison I would say that I am very happy that I went with the Ridgid and feel it is a more quality piece of equipment. And of course I owe much thanks to Bojack and Bob for notifying us of the $99 sale which made the decision even easier! I would say that now that I own one, I would probably still recommend paying the extra $70 or so for the Ridgid at full price than the HF.

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          I have the MSUV and my FIL has the Harbor Freight stand, he is very jealous!

          I wouldn't sell the HF stand short though. It's a pretty nice stand if you can set it up and leave it in one place. Unlike the Ridgid MSUV, the HF stand needs to be folded up in order to use the wheels to move the stand. Quite honestly, I lucked out last year and the Ridgid went on sale at a time when I was looking to buy a miter saw stand. If the price hadn't been $99 I may well have opted out for the HF stand. That being said, there really is not comparison between the two. The Ridgid is by far the superior stand and speaking from a very biased viewpoint, quite possibly the best miter saw stand available.

          Oh yeah, the Ridgid is also lots easier to assemble!
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            Thanks for the comments, that makes the decision much easier. The HF version is on sale for $59, but it sounds like it is definitely worth the extra $40 for the MSUV.


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              The MSUV is the best $99 I've ever spent on my shop.
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                Originally posted by sandking
                Hi folks, just an FYI at how useful this thing is.

                I just came back from my woodworkers meeting and someone had their mini-lathe mounted to it, so it got me thinking.

                Use 3/4" MDF as a base for all your benchtop portable tools:
                -Miter Saw
                -Router Table
                -Drill Press
                -Band Saw
                -Planer (may be awesome for that since there are rollers on each side)

                Attach a base to each of your units and then use a cam clamp for easy on and off . Instead of using the Tslot bolt, just use a regular bolt from the bottom!!!!

                Just my $0.02
                I think you'd may be much better off to use this method to fasten the tool down. Because you would have to move the tool to one end of the track & slide it along until all the cam clamps bolts are in the track.



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                  bought one 2 years ago for $199.

                  bought one last night for $99.

                  maybe another one this weekend

                  h.d. didn't know if a newer version is coming out yet.

                  phoebe it is


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                    MSUV still on sale

                    Got one of these a couple of days ago- hard to imagine other saw stands with similar abilities going for much more.


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                      It's not on sale according to the website. Hopefully they will still have them for 99$ when I go to HD tomorrow


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                        Re: MSUV on sale @ Home Depot $99

                        For anyone who is interested I went by my Home Depot tonight and they had the MS-UV on sale for $99

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                          Re: MSUV on sale @ Home Depot $99

                          Was it marked 99.00 or 149.00.


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                            Re: MSUV on sale @ Home Depot $99

                            Originally posted by threefinger View Post
                            Was it marked 99.00 or 149.00.
                            It was marked $99 down from $149 down From $199.

                            I put mine together and used it tonight. I really like it and may go get a second one just for the heck of it.

                            "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

                            I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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                              Re: MSUV on sale @ Home Depot $99

                              ARGH! I too need another tool like I need another tool.

                              The MSUV is the greatest damn thing though! I used my buddy's miter saw w/MSUV all of last week doing a big project. Every day rolled it out and set it up (in seconds)....every night, folded it up just as quickly and rolled it into the garage. Stores soooo nicely. If I buy the stand, I have to buy the saw, then I have to buy a few more orange things. Poor house, here I come!
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                                Re: MSUV on sale @ Home Depot $99

                                I went to HD and picked one up this afternoon. They were still marked 149. but the computer rang up 99.