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  • Wooden plane iron

    I know most of you are into power tools,, BUT are any of you making and using wooden planes? I made a fore plane loosely based on the Pop Mechanics plan:
    I like to use it to take just a couple of passes on my wood just before sanding. It only takes a minute, and leaves the wood almost ready to finish. Saves time and sandpaper. Also, there is something really satisfying about working wood this way. (although I'm not ready to give up my TP1300) My question is what are you using for irons? Should I bite the bullet and by a hock set mail order? I tried using a $3 Buck iron. It works, but not well. It works very well with the iron from my 1902 Bailey, but I don't like pulling it from my good plane every time I want to use it. I have a Woodcraft nearby, but they don't carry irons for wooden planes. I'm thinking about building a replacement. This one was an experiment made from scrap (laminated 3/4" hardwood plywood for the body with brazillian cherry for the sole) I like it so much I'd like to build a pretty one.