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Just Bought a TS3650

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  • Just Bought a TS3650

    Well I just got back from HD.........bought a TS 3650 with a HD 20% off coupon. With tax I paid $463 The saw I bought says PO0543... so I think the arbor should be fine....if I remember right I think saws after PO0515 were okay. So if I am wrong please correct me. So I am just making some space for the saw then the assembly shall begin


    ps. all thanks to everyone for the info and advice!

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    Well congrats! It's about time! ;-D
    I 'think' you will be o.k. on the arbor. Enjoy, you're gonna love it.
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      Looks like a late 2005 manufacture date (Year = 05 Week = 43).
      If they didn't fix the problem by that date then they have no plans to I would say.
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        Mine is 0529 and it was fine.
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