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  • Planing Cypress

    My father and I have a brand new RIGID planer. We have been planing Cypress (Taxodium distichum) boards. The boards were stored outside for several years and were completely protected from the elements. In addition, the cypress itself was havested decades ago, so the wood is undoubtedly dry. What we have seen is that the shavings tend to cluster in the exhaust port. When this happens, the shape of the shavings become much smaller and the shavings quickly clog the planer with the board getting stuck. We are planing 1/64" each pass. Greater than that seems to clog the planer more. We have removerd the sideways directed exhaust to facilitate removal of the shavings. This has helped, but we still have the problem. We have been told that cypress has an oil and that the oil tends to make the shavings sticky. Indeed, one can grab a handful in one's fist and it will stay compressed. We have seen some resudue collect on the feeder plates and the feed rollers. Ethanol cleans the rollers and acetone does a great job on the plates. While the clean rollers work better, the annoying thing is that we have to clean the rollers after only a small number of operations. Our questions are:
    1) Are we doing something wrong?
    2) Is board thickness or depth of material to be removed affect the performance?
    3) Is cypress an oily wood?
    4) Are there properties of cypress that cause this to happen?

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer some advice or suggestions.


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    For what it's worth I've had some problems with having to clean the rollers much more often than I think I should have to on my new TP1300. I have been planning some cypress my brother gave me. I'm not sure that it's the cypress, but it is interesting that we both seem to be having the same problem. I've not had a problem with the shavings hanging up. I have been using it without the dust collection chute.