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Ridgid Jointer vs. Craftsman

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  • Ridgid Jointer vs. Craftsman

    Hi All,
    I'm still trying to make a final decision on the jointer purchase. Has anyone used the new Craftsman jointer (model #OR40503). This looks like it's part of Craftsman's new and improved tool lineup made by Orion.

    I like the closed design of the Craftsman base, and I like the paddle switch right in easy reach. But the Ridgid controls seems a little smoother.

    Anyone know how each model measures up in terms of blade changes?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    My two cents;
    The jointer is a very specific tool, all the reviews and investigation I did concluded that prety much all jointer are the same on what they do and the lenght of the bed and its capacity to cut.
    If you compare all 1HP 6" jointers, then for the price and verything else constant, the ridgid or the grizzly jointer would be my options, why pay more for something that has shuch a limited function. Save your money for other tools.. or accessories :-)



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      I also like the closed base design and the pillar style mounted switch on the Craftsman. The Ridgid on the other hand has the more user friendly, IMO, handwheel height adjusters vs the Craftsmans' levers. The Ridgid also has a proven track record.

      Service after the sale might be important here. I know I sound like a broken record where this is concerned but does your local HD stock the replacement knives for the Ridgid jointer? You can bet that Sears does for theirs.

      As both machines are fairly equal, for me it would come down to $$. If I could get the replacement knives locally for the Ridgid then I'd probably go that route. The $50 savings over the Craftsman could be used to purchase an exra set of knives or two.
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        Badgerdave and olilugo,
        I agree with you on the jointer. It is a pretty straightforward machine! I could use price as a final determining factor...


        Right now, Craftsman is offering a $20 discount on the jointer, plus another 10% if I use a Sears card. That means the Craftsman is $358 and the Ridgid is $349! So I guess I need another tie-breaker here!

        It's a close call. The Craftsman bed is longer, but just by 1". It has a closed stand, and a paddle switch, which I really like. I think the fence on each machine is equal in length and height. I like the rubberized feel of the Ridgid controls, and I think the Ridgid height-level is easier to read. It's a toss-up on hand-wheel (Ridgid) versus lever (Craftsman) for height adjustment.

        Perhaps the Craftsman is better for accepting a mobile base because of the style of its stand?

        I agree about the parts issue. Sears seems to do a better job stocking the little things one needs for these kinds of tools. I've been frustrated in the past when I need a part from Home Depot.

        As I'm writing this, it does seem that I am moving in the Craftsman direction!

        Well, maybe I can get more of a discount from one or the other place to help push me in one direction or the other.
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          Well, just to finish this discussion...

          I went to Sears today to see what kind of deal I could get. With the Craftsman Club card, the Sears card, along with some other sale that's going on, I ended up getting $100 off the regular price, which means I got the jointer for $320. They also had a mobile base on clearance for $32. Final price for everything, including tax: $370. I took it.


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            I have a problem with the switch on top. It may stick up where you don't want it depending on where your jointer is going to set in your shop. In my shop my jointer is right next to my table-saw out-feed/work bench & the switch would stick up right in the way. I just pivot the jointer until the in-feed table clears the router table in the left wing of the Unisaw.

            Besides that most of us don't get enough exercise so what wrong with bending over to turn on a tool? I turn mine on & then start the material along the in-feed table toward the cutter head. I don't put the material on the in-feed table & then turn the machine on.
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              Re: Ridgid Jointer vs. Craftsman

              I was just at the site to check out the Ridgid jointer, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it out of production or something?


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                Re: Ridgid Jointer vs. Craftsman

                I've had that craftsman for a while now and couldn't be happier with it. The blades are sold at every single sears store I've checked which is a big plus. I've only seen one HD stock the Ridgid blades. Another plus to the craftsman is I believe the motor is a more powerful 1 1/2 HP.


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                  Re: Ridgid Jointer vs. Craftsman

                  Orion is a Steel City subsidiary. I've never used that jointer but I think you'll find Orion/SC are terrific to deal with. Good luck with it and enjoy!


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                    Re: Ridgid Jointer vs. Craftsman

                    I live in a small town of 18,000 people and the Sears store will not stock parts for my tools. So I quit buying Sears Items. They can not even carry a $10.00 band saw blade, so I buy 2-3 at a time When I go to St.Louis. Buy a Ridgid!