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Dust collection delta ap400 vs Jet 708640

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  • Dust collection delta ap400 vs Jet 708640

    I recently purchased and setup a TS3650. Other than small issues moving it around my garage with the herculift I love it! The online manual is much better than the boxed version.

    Anyway, I want now to get a dust collection system and am comparing the Delta AP400 ($169) vs the Jet 708640 ($200 incl rebate). Any reason not to go with the Delta? I figure to connect 1-2 machines at a time.


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    The current issue of Fine Woodworking has an article and review of available Dust Collectors targeted to the hobby woodworker.


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      Thanks. I'll check it out. The few reviews I have read indicated plenty of suction and no real problems with either one.


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        Did you check out the Harbor Freight 2HP Dust Collector? I've had this one, for a couple of years now and it works great. If you live near one of their retail outlets you can even get it cheaper with one of their 10% or 20% off coupons. The coupons lately have been at either this address, or this one,
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          Thanks BadgerDave. I will check it out and there is a HF nearby. I suppose 2 hp is always better than 1 hp... especially at about the same price.

          PS. Do you have a sense of the sound level of this vs the jet or delta (about 60-70 decibels)? I wonder since it is a bigger motor is it noisier?
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            I also have the HarborFreight 2HP unit. It does work well, but the filter bag are not that great. That's not unusuall for that class of unit. To address that issue, I've ordered the cannister filter #35A from Wynn Environmental (
            Filters from Wynn were also mentioned in the FW article. Also, Bill Pentz has a very www site with a great deal of information on dust collection (

            The noise from the HF unit isn't too loud. It's quieter than the Delta Whole Shop filtering unit at high speed. The one complaint I do have with the HF unit, is that the intake port cloggs easily when collection chips from the planer or jointer. I may get a cyclone trashcan lid for those time when I'm planing or jointer stock.

            Overall, I'm pleased with the unit.