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    Hey all:

    I'm a woodcarver doing bas-relief pieces and want to be able to buy 8/4 10" wide basswood and glue it up to make wider pieces. Looks like I'm in the market for a jointer! The Ridgid jointer looks great and the reviews confirm that most people are happy and satisfied with the performance. I am only going to be using this a few times a month or so, so I don't need to look at any 8" huge units.

    My question: with a 45" long bed, will the Ridgid jointer be able to accurately dress the edges of 8/4 10-12" wide lumber that may be as much as 5' - 6' long? My question has to do with the weight of the wood very slightly pushing down on the infeed and outfeed tables as it passes over the blades, thereby taking a tiny bit more out of the middle of the wood.

    I had a friend dress some basswood I had in this way and there was a
    1/16" gap in the middle that wouldn't clamp shut (not with 8/4 for sure.) I figured that with the relatively modest price of the Ridgid jointer I could afford to buy it and use it for various things including this, but not having owned a jointer before I don't know if a chunk of wood that weight would necessitate having a bigger jointer with a much longer bed to keep it straight the whole length as it's pushed over the blade.

    Has anyone used this jointer to dress the edges of large pieces of lumber? Succesfully?

    Thanks in advance,

    Carlos Alden

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    If the jointer is setup right it will handle those boards without a problem. Your friends jointer was not setup or it was not used properly.
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