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Ridgid bandsaw riser question

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  • Ridgid bandsaw riser question

    Which riser other than the Ridgid brand matches the Ridgid bandsaw?

    I think I read that the Jet kit or the Delta riser kit fit the Ridgid BS and was much less expensive.

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    IIRC the Grizzly riser kit will fit the Ridgid BS.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      grizzly riser

      I ordered the Grizzly riser for my Ridgid BS14002 [home depot]. $56. Everything fit EXCEPT the longer lower guide rod. The original had larger diameter than the one provided with the Grizzly. Machine shop is making me one - cost is $100 because of the hardened steel and having to machine larger pin steel down and then put the groove in. I don't feel alone as the machinist said this wasn't the first one he did.


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        Ridgid riser

        My HD (So. NY) lists the Ridgid riser at: $58.47, SKU# 367456, Part# AC5005. I haven't put my order in yet, but will soon.


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          Riser installed!

          Well, finally ordered the Riser and installed it this afternoon. As I said previously, the HD SKU# is 367456 for Ridgid part #AC5005. Price was $58.47 before state tax. All parts accounted for and an instruction manual. The PLUS side is that the longer, replacement blade guard (left hand near the on/off switch) is metal. The manual specifically says to re-mount the on/off swtich on the block and NOT on the upper arm (where it was before). This seems odd since the back of the switch box has 4 protruding ends of machine screws which make the switch box sit proud of the block. If mounted in the original position, the screw ends touch air in the hollow of the upper arm. Could be mounted on the upper arm since there is sufficent cord from the switch box to the motor. Dunno why Ridgid recommends this .
          Now I just gotta try some larger block to saw!