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TS3650 arbor question

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  • TS3650 arbor question

    When using a dado with the defectively threaded arbor, if you use the shims between the first and second blades, can you shim past the dell in the arbor, and still have blade tooth overlap to eliminate the gap in the dado?

    If no - what do you think about filling in the dell with copper wire maybe 14 gauge, whatever size would just fill it up without going to big, (just long enough to wrap once like a closed lette 'C') then maybe soldering the end? It would NEVER be free to fly out since it would always be covered by the nut or another blade. Only time it would ever be exposed would be if the saw ran without any blade or nut on the arbor.

    Ridgid said they would pay to replace it, but lugging this 300lb machine out of my basement to the authorized center and bringing it back is not a desired option.

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    I think people have used JB Weld successfully, but never read about using wire.


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      what is JBWeld? Is that something in a tube - some kind of cement? I figured the wire would not be permanent if it turns out to be a poor construct it could be removed.

      And the wire would not break down, but anything that is like a cement is prone to drying, cracking under stress.


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        Why not do it right and just replace the arbor yourself as others have done?
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          Lorax, I was unsure whether I could do it myself or not, and also had no immediate need to perform this. So when I called Ridgid, i was expecting they would send me out the arbor, and I could do it at my leisure if I felt up to it, or at least having the part in hand would make me feel more comfortable should I decide to do it in the far future, and find out later that they aren't replacing the arbors anymore.

          Anyhow, Ridgid would NOT send me out the arbor, they said it involves pressing out and is not a DIY project, and said they would only replace the arbor through an authorized repair center. I did not feel like lugging the machine out of my basement to the center presently.

          So to make a long story short, even if I wanted to replace it myself as others have done, it was not an allowed option.