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Hollowing out a log

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  • Hollowing out a log

    Hello, This may seem strange but I would like to know how I might be able to hollow out a log cut from the trunk of a maple tree. It is approx. 18" long, split in half. Picture a half moon. I would like to hollow out the center, without splitting it, to make a hidding spot for my Boa Constrictor's cage. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Semper Fi. Joe

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    Sounds like a fun project !!

    I don't have these tools myself, but you can get various angle grinder attachments for carving wood.

    Good examples at Lee Valley:,130,43409

    Though I'm sure others sell them too.


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      You can drill out the insides with Forstner or spade bits. Large holes close together, even overlapping with forstners. Then just take a hammer and chisel and clean out the left overs.
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        The grinder attachments are a little expensive but thanks for the suggestion. The forstner bit is an excellent idea, easier and cheaper for this task. Great idea, thanks papadan.
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