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  • 3650 and Dado Blades

    My wife being the great supporter of my hobby that she is, bought me a new DeWalt 8" stackable set. After reading many threads, I need to ask a couple of simple questions before I open it. Will it work, and will it work without having to hop on one leg and say 4 hale Marys in the process? If not, what do you you suggest as a good dado balde, I do not want a wobble or junk.

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    As far as I know, the only stacked dado sets that won't work on the 3650 are the Freud SD600 Series sets. No experience here with the DeWalt set so I can't comment on its quality of cut. There are big differences in the quality of stacked dado sets available along with big differences in prices. I may very well be way off base here but B&D, the parent of DeWalt, also own Oldham so there is a chance that the DeWalt Dado Set is made by Oldham.
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      I also have no experience with the Dewalt dado blades, but I have used the Freud 8" dado set with no problems. I don't really see any difference for the Dewalt blades, and seem to recall reading somewhere on another forum that they used a Dewalt with no problems. If I come across that I will edit the link here.

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        I have the Dewalt set and it works great on my 3650. I found the dado set to be very good with no chip out on maple plywood and sharp edges and flat bottoms. I think that you will be very pleased with the performance of the set.

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          I realize that I am a newbie, and this is definately a newbie question, so I am sorry for my ignorance here.
          Why won't the Freud SD600 Series dado set work with the table saw?


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            Freud's SD600 Series Dial-A-Width Dado Set is a stacked dado set, but the shims have been replaced with a patented dial system, which allows users to adjust the width of cut via a patented dial hub capable of micro adjustments.

            That dial makes the set too wide to use all the chippers on the 3650's
            1 1/8" long arbor. It doesn't fit a lot of saws, not just the 3650.
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              Makes perfect sence to me. Thanks Lorax!!