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Forrest WWII blade, is it really worth it?

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    Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
    I've been running a Freud LU84R011 on my saw almost since the day I purchased it. I can truthfully say that the only times I've ever had any issues with the blade not performing flawlessly can be traced directly to operator error. I prefer a full kerf blade but many prefer thin kerf blades for saws with motors 1-1/2 HP and smaller. BTW, if it's still going on, Amazon is currently having a sale on the LU84R011 for $39.99 freight paid and they'll even throw in a stabilizer for that price. Read the part on the Amazon page about "Promotions".
    Hey Badgerdave,

    Thanks for the Amazon Link. I use a WWII, but for $39.99 I couldn't resist.


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      Glad you found it helpful.
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