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Picked this up yesterday

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  • Picked this up yesterday

    Hi again.

    Well picked this up yesterday.

    So what you all think.
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    Looks good, I want one.
    SSG, U.S. Army
    K.I.S.S., R.T.F.M.


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      Looks like a medieval torture device.
      Alas, I am jealous....


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        what the heck is it?
        9/11/01, never forget.


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          i agree, what is it?
          Bandsaw Box Plans


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            That's what!

            It's a tenon jig for you table saw.
            Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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              Looks like you just saved yourself a lot of jig-manufacture time!! Good on ya!
              Let us know how well it works. That's one of the items I'm thinking about putting on my birthday/Christmas wish list.
              Practicing at practical wood working


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                A cigar for Nobunaga-sama.

                Originally posted by nobunaga-sama
                It's a tenon jig for you table saw.
                A cigar for you my man.

                Or a beer which ever you want.

                I will let you all know when I run some parts thru it.

                For the price $54.99 about $50.00 less then Delta's one so who knows.

                Pretty heavy so might be good.
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                  Please do let us know.

                  I looked at the Delta too, but the $100 turned me off.
                  I ended up making one myself. It was good newbe practice and turned out pretty good.
                  Then i saw this one on WoodCraft's site for $54 and thought "Now i find this".
                  I still might consider getting it someday. So let us know what you think.
                  Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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                    I've been recently looking for one of these also and would like to know how you like it. Does anyone have any input on Shop Fox brand or Yorkcraft brand tenoning jigs? I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks


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                      I will let you both know

                      I will hope to run something this weekend or next.

                      Can you keep your hearts at ease for a week.

                      I am putting my old Craftsman BS together.

                      Yes Craftsman

                      Oh well can't sneak another tool in for awhile as to the color Ridgid would be hard to hide.

                      Yes honey that always has been their hidden behind some stuff
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                        No, we aren't waiting!

                        We'll let it pass for tonight, but tomorrow night we want to here all about how your new jig works so we can beg and plead with our wives to let us spend just 60 more dollars on a woodworking tool.
                        Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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                          I am a recent start-up with woodworking. I started a project that required tenons, so I went out and bought a tenoning jig. I used E-bay, and ended up with the Shop Fox version, for about $50 or so plus shipping. I probably overpaid, since I see that all the catalogues have virtually the same thing for similar pricing. The Delta costs a little more, but it isn't worth any more.

                          It looks to me like every one of these tenoning jigs are made in the same Chinese factory, they are all the same with minimal differences. I would expect that any one would work just fine.


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                            I'm looking at this doesn't require using a fence does it? It looks like it slides down the miter track and everything is setup in the jig.


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                              Okay started putting it together long post

                              Well so far I can't get the fence an exact 90 to table

                              Maybe off about .002 will have to bring the dial indicator out,but by God I

                              think this would be close enough.

                              Not building a Space Ship

                              Okay can't get the back fence support an exact 90 to table.

                              about same as Fence

                              Seems instructions are a bit off.

                              It says to move the base over on left tilting saw blades {Ridgid}

                              So I did but looks like would be better to leave it alone.

                              As kind of limits thickness of wood that you can run a Tenon on

                              The miter gauge is workable had to loosen the screws so it would slide thru miter slot.

                              The T washer is good {same as on Ridgid miter gauge} so it won't fall off the table.

                              Thing is pretty stout about 15 pounds or more.

                              So having to see if their setup is correct.

                              Found out one other thing I don't like those little pull knobs that you have to pull up to move to different position to tighten.

                              But I think it might be a better deal then wood as to the weight 15 pounds of wood would be a BIG JIG

                              Well that is as far as I got why.

                              Because I am on here writing this

                              Update tomorrow night.

                              Why cause have to work

                              Over all so far about 3.5 stars out of 5

                              Oh one other thing paint is falling off the knob part at front no big deal for

                              me as I can use some good old Brownell's epoxy paint after sandblasting with Silicon carbide and would be better then new.

                              Great stuff if you have never tried any good gun stuff paint.

                              Well that is all folks

                              For tonight

                              Edit got the small fence 90.

                              so one down one to go
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