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window shelf door question

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  • window shelf door question

    I am interested in making a combination toybox/window seat based loosely on this design:

    except probably about 80 inches long and a much thicker pad for the seat.

    Here are my questions. I think this would be great toy storage but my son is only 2 years old. I think a 30 x 80 3/4 cover might be a little heavy for him

    I could split the bench into 3 compartments with 3 trap doors (prob use two 3/4" pieces for the mid supports so the top could rest easier) or I could not make the top a door at all and have him access the toys via doors in the face of the bench (cabinet style)

    Has anyone tried building one of these and which do you recommend?

    Also are their hinges that stay open on a top opening box that would prevent the lid from slamming on children's fingers?


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    VTD; I would recommend "cabinet style-- it will be a pain in the rear to remove the pad every time you or your wife want access to the toys. (Let's face it-a two year old isn't going to put the toys in or out of a toy box) If you do opt for top loading you can use either folding braces that will hold the top up, or lift assists like you find on pickup toppers or van tailgates. HTH Jim


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      VTD - Yes, there are specialty hinges for lid supports. Here is an example:

      They carry a similar product at Home Depot. I would make sure it is a "hydraulic" type. Also beware that they may come in Left, Right and Center designs.. it would be no fun trying to install two rights.

      As an alternative to a top opening or cabinet door style, Woodsmith magazine just published (Vol 27, #162) a tilt-out design.

      Good luck. Hope this helps.


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        I saw a toy box on aother forum where the Dad not only put hydraulic risers in, but also raised the hinges and the front with blocks so no little fingers could get trapped. (left a gap with the lid closed) Its made so the blocks can be removed after his 2 yr old gets older. I'll try to post a link to it when I find it again, but meanwhile, its an idea that might be helpful.
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          Thanks for the replies!

          I think I am going to try a top open style with 2 compartments. I'll use the hydraulic hinges too