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Just purchased a 3650, any advise?

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  • Just purchased a 3650, any advise?

    Hello the wire....
    I just purchased a 3650 table saw & now have to assemble it.
    Any advise on trouble areas?
    Thanks in advance...

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    You're going to love it!

    First, do yourself a favor and download the manual off the website:

    There WILL be three nuts and bolts left over. They are for attaching aux fences to your fence. Don't panic.
    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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      You may also want to read through this sticky thread that was created for new users and assembly tips:

      It is full of a lot of useful information and many questions that are asked can usually be answered after reading that thread. Good luck with the new saw and let us know how it goes.

      Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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        When they describe how to position your motor, set it up so that the weight of the motor is what tensions the pulley through the entire range of the blade (lifting, lowering). I had some trouble with vibration on my saw and this forum solved it very neatly.