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Saw blade blow out at Sears!!!!!

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  • Saw blade blow out at Sears!!!!!

    Hey guys check your local sears...
    I just left mine with 12, 10in blades all for under $75.00

    Bunch of Freud lu 84 $3.97 lu 72 4.97
    Freud avanti $11.97

    Bunch of Dewalt wood working blades
    and a bunch of Craftsman professional..... just to name a few....

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    LU's for less money than Avanti's, that is a great deal! Of course, my local Sears will not have this deal but what else is new, it never does.
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      saw blades

      the blades on sale, were they at a sears store or a sears hardware
      store, i went to a local sears store around buffalo new york and they didn"t know anything about the sale. were these clearence items?


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        you know what they probably were clearance items.....
        they still were in the saw blade section but had no clearance tags on them....
        they had all kinds 8" 9" 12" 7 1/4" and etc....


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          Our Sears doesn't even carry Freud blades.
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            saw blades

            the reason i mentioned this clearance price was several months ago
            i purchased some of the same blades from my local sears store. some were going for a couple of dollars to 20.00 dollars, i thought
            the prices were great, thought they were running another special, i bought all they had, approx 10 blades (some of the blades you purchased) all sold out now but will keep watching other sears stores for these clearence items, thanks for the info.