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    Originally posted by Dr.Quest
    ok ive seen this drift thing i want to start to resaw
    what is the drift and how is the best way to adjust for it

    scuse me im an idiot

    Here is a good article on how to setup for the drift.
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      OK I use the single point fence method. Because of the fact that drift cannot be stopped, I use a narrow blade for resawwing. I mark the cut line on the edge of the board and set up the single point fence for the desired thickness. When sawwing I keep the board agains the fence and follow the line, adjusting the angle of the wood into the blade as the blade turns. The method of cutting part way into the wood and setting a regular fence to that angle is fine for that piece of wood only. It has to be reset for each piece because of wood density and grain patterns, and sometimes in the middle of a board these things will change. Always resaw a little thicker than neede and plane to final thickness. This single point fence works best on my BS1400 and my Ryobi BS900 saws.
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