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Portable Table Saw issue

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  • Portable Table Saw issue

    I have the portable table saw. I've had it for about a year. I was trying to change the blade this morning and Think I stripped the inner "nut" while trying to remove the blade. Along with ripping my hand up when the nut got stripped, I dont know what to do. I cant get the blade off... am I totally lost? Is there anything I can do?

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    what kind of saw is it?and is there room in there to put an impact gun in there?the reason i ask is because i have an old delta that i have to change the blade this way
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      this may be some refers to a Delta saw but it may help you..

      I had a similar problem with my Craftsman saw. I ended up with a stuck blade and a hand full of metal shavings. I had to hit the blade a couple times (hard) with a rubber mallet to get it loose.. the nut can be replaced, as can the arbor. Possibly, the arbor can be rethreaded but it depends on the amount of damage. After you get the blade loose inspect the arbor very carefully as there's a good chance it is damaged. In my case, Sears refunded my money for the blade, but wouldn't replace my saw so I ended up buying a new one out of my own pocket.