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  • 15" Drill Press

    I'm looking at purchasing the 15" drill press. Any recommendations about it (good or bad). I'd really like a radial drill press but it appears very few are made any more and of the ones I looked at, the quality isn't very good.

    Also, has anyone used this with a mortising attachment? If so, who makes the attachment and how does it mount and work?

    Any comments are appreciated.


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    15" drill press...

    I have had mine for about two months now and I love it. The only thing I didnt like about it is that when you raise and lower the table it is slightly scratching the support tube. This I know could be solved by simply removing the burr on the table collar....but I have been to lazy to disassemble it again. I just lift up on the table a little as I raise and lower it. Just simply check for burrs when you assemble it. As for the mortising attachment, I have the delta mortising kit and it works fine. It would work better if the chuck was a 1/2" not 5/8". It's just a little tight when loading the chisels.


    P.S. To the makers of ridged tools....keep up the good work. I love the tools that I have bought so far (table saw, band saw, 12" miter saw, 6" jointer, drill press, 2 shop vacs......and I cant wait to get my hands on the new 2 base router)


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      This one's a keeper

      Originally posted by Ken A
      I'd really like a radial drill press but it appears very few are made any more and of the ones I looked at, the quality isn't very good.
      Any comments are appreciated.
      I've got this one. No complaints, but shipping could be a deal breaker.
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        Welcome to the forum. I’ve had the DP for a little over two years and have no complaints with it. I was a little skeptical at first about the type of spindle lock that Ridgid incorporates in the DP1550 but it is really pretty slick, its fast, easy to adjust (a little confusing at first) and I haven’t experienced any problems with slipping. It is far from my most used tool so I can’t say anything about reliability for the long haul but it runs smooth and quiet. You can slow down a large Forstner Bit it you are too heavy handed but that is easily rectified by easing up a little bit, not sure if that is a trait of all DP’s in its class. I would recommend it.



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          *waves to Ken*


          I've had my DP for a few months now. While it's not the most-used tool, it does get it's workouts. Mostly with forstner bits. I've used it to make a test mortise, though. I got the mortiser from Having little experience with a drill press, I wasn't sure if there was anything proprietary. I'm very happy with the Ridgid mortiser, with the exception that setting up the fence for it is a ..... well, it's just a bit tricky. Once setup, it runs very smooth and reliably, and will take all the bits I have so far. I'm very pleased with all of my Ridgid tools, and the DP was one of those that I researched.
          I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.