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  • Well I broke down

    Well I got my MSUV too just for use with my planer.

    I plan bolting down a piece of MDF to the top of the MSUV on routing out slots in it & installing T-track & using it to clamp the planer or any other tool I want to use with the MSUV down. This will make it much more versatile. None of the tools will stay on the MSUV because of the smallness of my shop. All my tools have their own storage space.

    My DC sets just inside of the door & since my shop is small I plan to use the MSUV to be able to set my planer up outside when ever possible with a hose to the DC so it doesn't take up space in the shop when in use.
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    Hmm real friendly bunch here.


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      Friendly bunch

      Hey VLL,
      Looks like a winning idea there with the MSUV and the MDF. I've been thinking about doing something similar. I have a small shop (read garage) and am pressed for all sorts of room. I bought the MSUV this March when it was on sale at HD. Haven't even had time to get it out of the box yet. Actually, might have to take it back since I had some unexpected bills crop up (medical and car repair) that have left me without spare cash. But oh well, life sucks and then you die anyway.
      I even thought the MSUV could be used in conjunction with my portable table saw (DeWalt) when I've got a big piece to cut up. Could use it as adjunct to the infeed, or as outfeed (would make my wife help me move the big stuff through. The variable height on the rollers would be great for that. Oh, and as for other posts, yeah, some guys aren't very friendly on here. And others are downright ornery as polecats if they think you don't have the correct friggin pedigree to be on line and giving advice. They'll rip you to shreds. So step carefully, you might end up with sewage being thrown at you from the plumbing forum, or some mad dog gaffer trying trying to sabotage your GFIs.
      Be cool, keep your head down.
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        Looks good. I'm with you on the lack of room for setting up several tools and a proper shop. At the current residence the darn basement is too shallow to stand up in. So, any work I do has got to be in good weather and everything needs to be as portable as possible so I can move it out to the deck. So have a few folding tables, etc. that work for me.

        My only concern with the MSUV and the planer would be if it would handle the weight. I recently purchase the Ryobi CMS stand and it will handle 400 lbs, but it doesn't have wheels like the MSUV and it's a bit heavy to carry too far. But between that and the portable tables, I can set up three or four tools within a half hour or so.

        By the way, don't let the slowness of comments bother you too much. There are some good guys on here and a wealth of helpful experience. It doesn't take long to sort out who knows what.



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          That's pretty slick using a mitersaw stand for a planer......


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            What's an MSUV?

            Not familiar with that abbreviation.

            Start off slow then taper off.


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              Mike, it is Miter Saw utility vehicle. LOL Vll, sorry but missed your original post. Nice setup though.
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                you know the herc u lift will fit on the stand for the planer.
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                  davy, although a valid and good point, from the picture VLL posted it appears he may be moving his planer around to and from areas that the small wheels on the herc-u-lift probably won't traverse. Although I do use the herc-u-lift on mine, it is a nice setup VLL.
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                    I really wanted the MSUV for my planer because my shop is small & I usually end up with the planer on my bench which is my Unisaw off feed table too. So you know what happens when something is on the off feed table & you need to rip or cross cut another item ba humbug......

                    Also being able to expand outside on a nice sunny day won't hurt my feelings either.

                    This shows my shop floor plan so you can see why I wanted the MUSV.
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                      I want one!!!! Fathers Day is comin' up soon. Nice rig VLL