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  • Dust collector thought

    A friend has one of the BIG Jet collectors with the great filter set up and clear plastic bag collection. A super tool and pretty quiet too.
    Well I went to Woodcraft this weekend and asked if my small Jet could be adapted to the clear bags. The answer: Yes but the dust blow out in the upper bag will not make it practical. The filter to replace the top bag was more than I paid for the collector, so I am thinking a box and pleated furnace filters. Has anyone done anything like this? Think it would work?

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    Haven't done it but I doubt if it would work very well. The very small particles of dust, which are the most harmfull to your lungs, would sail right through a normal furnace filter. You might want to consider upgradeing your upper bag to one that will filter particles as small as 3 microns or even 1 micron. Grizzly and Penn State are a couple of places you can buy replacement bags.
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      I just bought a Super Dust Gorilla from Onieda Air. They only make dust collectors. They sell filters and have been very helpful to me. My contact is Heather. The web site is I think she may be able to give you advice.

      I have done a lot of research on dust related problems and 1 micron is what you are shooting for. The best suggestion, in the interim, is to get a NIOSH approved respirator mask. A good one runs about $60.00.

      Hope this helps.



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        An Idea

        I'll tell you what will work.... Just stack a few HEPA shop vac filters on top of one another ( you can the cleanstream washable ones at sears right now on clearance for about $5-7 each ) or there is a guy on ebay that sells Genie Lifetime Washable HEPA filters that fit Ridgid vacs, because I bought two of them from him and only paid $32 with shipping. So, you could easily stack a few of these together and it would be very similar to the Wynn's canister. You would just have to retro-fit your own base to the filters/housing and make an endcap for the last filter. So, MDF and a few of those filters would get you in under $50.
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          Thanks for the ideas and input

          If it gets above freezing this weekend I'm going to drag out the collector and experiment.


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            I have the Grizzly 2 hp that came with 2 micron bags. Does not really matter to me because I have my DC outside where no dust gets into the shop.
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