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    While doing errands today, I was looking to pick up a can of Johnson's Paste wax for my new 3650 tablesaw. All I could find however is an aerosol version, also by Johnson's. Is this acceptable to use as a wax on my TS?

    I'd hate to go to the trouble of applying several coats, and then have to strip it all off again.

    [I]edit:[I] Correction. It's not aerosol. It is a liquid in an almost aerosol looking can.
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    Any wax that DOES NOT contain silicone would be fine. If you can't find Johnsons Paste Wax locally, check places that sell MinWax products. MinWax makes a furniture polish that doesn't contain silicone.

    The reason you don't want to use waxes with silicone in them is that the silicone may adhere to the wood you're cutting and cause fisheyes when you apply the finish to the project.
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