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CMS or good Mitre Gauge/Jig on a TS?

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  • CMS or good Mitre Gauge/Jig on a TS?

    What is the verdict on this? I am a little short on space, I could manage it if I bought he ridgid and the MSUV, but that would be 300 that I could put towards a bandsaw

    Do most people upgrade the gauge, or build jigs for mitreing?

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    I actually have a CMS, but never use it. I use my 1000SE, crusscut sled, and miter sled. If it were me, I'd go with a good miter guage and build your own sled. Save the money for the bandsaw. Just my $.02


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      I rarely use my CMS either. Good miter gauge with fence, and/or crosscut sled is the ticket for me.


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        I have a CC Sled, but that doesn't help with mitres, and it's a pain in the *** to lug out the big sled for small cuts.

        I like the look of the INCRA gauge's. Anyone recommend one?


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          I’ve had the Incra 1000SE for a couple of years and have been pleased with it, if I were in the market today I would also consider this one.

          They are not in the same ballpark price wise and the Jessem was not out yet when I purchased my Incra, it is just one I would give a good looking over. I would probably end up with the 1000SE because I truly believe it offers the best value out there and the price differential would leave enough money left over to buy a premium saw blade or some other must have tool.



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            On one of the BB's recently someone did a poll on what brand of miter guages people owned. Around 70% of those that responded owned Incras.

            On the CMS vs miter guage question, I own and use both. I do find myself using the miter guage a little more these days when it comes to bevel cuts. Thats mostly do to the fact that I don't trust my POC Craftsman CMS to make accurate bevel cuts.
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              Guys, I went to one of the woodworking shows in Ohio back in January. I got the chance to thoughoughly check out all the miter gauges along with other new products. Didn't have the funds at the time but last week I got my Kreg miter system. real sweet gauge. Sells for $159 with the fence and about $119 without. It was best of show according to my inspection. LOL UPS just stopped by and dropped off my Jessem Mast-R-Lift, router lift. Now I can get started on my table.
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                I have an incra 1000se miter gauge and I'm very pleased with it, but I couldn't see it replacing my SCMS. If you have long pieces to cross cut in your future, like moldings or a large furniture project, I would go with the miter saw. I also would think about blade changes. I enjoy being able to do a delicate cross cut on my miter saw without having to take my rip blade out of my table saw.

                Hope this helps.