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Herc-u-lift troubles

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  • Herc-u-lift troubles

    I just got a saw and I'm setting up shop and such... At any rate I need to move the darn saw whenever the car comes into the garage and I'm not having that great of luck with the herc-u-lift. The vertical travel of the saw when the thing is engaged is maybe a half inch or less. The problem is that the garage floor is not completely level so either one or more of the legs drags or if I raise them they don't touch the floor in the lowered possition. I'm not sure if there is some problem with the way I set it up but I've double checked the book and all looks copacetic.

    Any Ideas?

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    The problem isn't with the Herc-U-Lift mobile base as much as it is with your garage floor. It would be fairly easy to level out the area on the garage that the saw travels on. Locate the low spots, throw down some mortar mix and level off with a piece of 2x4.
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      I experienced the same problem when I put my Ridgid TS together and it is adjustable, but it has been quite awhile and I can’t remember of the top of head how to do it but mine never scrapes the floor anymore. I’ll try and take a look at it tomorrow and see if it jogs my memory, don’t despair the Herc-U-Lift is the absolute best when you get it adjusted right.



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        Make sure that the adjustable leveling pads at the bottom of the legs on your saw are all the way up. Their adjustment height can make a big difference in floor clearance on an uneven floor.



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          Normally I agree with Badger Dave, but not this time. If you have to level out your garage floor, there is a special mix made specifically for that purpose. DON'T use mortar mix--it won't last. HTH


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            Well I am renting, so I don't think I'll go through the trouble of leveling the cement floor. The floor isn't wildly off level by any means. There are some ridges around the expansion seams, but nothing that I would notice had I not got the saw.

            As for raising the foot pads all the way... I have tried that, and if they are all the way up they do not touch the ground when the saw is lowered. Not the most stable set up.

            I was hoping that there was some adjustment to the mechanism that would give it 2 inches of up/down travel versus the 1/2 to 1 inch it has now.



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              I was mistaken after looking at my saw the only adjustment is the leveling feet. Mine acted just like yours when I put it together and after a couple days of going to local HD’s and looking at saws in various states of assembly I noticed one store had the stand assembled different than mine which is a vintage TS2424. The assembly illustration in the manual shows the orientation of the back and front member as far as which one goes on top of the other one opposite of what it is supposed to be. I corrected this and now I have at least an inch of leveling screw beneath the legs and it does not drag anywhere in the garage. All I can suggest is to take a close look at that and if it’s not the problem then I apologize for getting your hopes up with false info.



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                I went to the "workshop" and measured mine when lifted. I have about 1 3/16" gap between the floor and the bottom of the foot. And some of my feet are not completly pulled in as the saw needed a couple of them to be out a smidge to allow for leveling when lowered.

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                  Herc-u-lift minimal

                  Hi Guys. Like others here, I have assembled my saw ans the lift according to the maunal and the on-line PDF. I find that there is about 1/2 inch lift between up and down. If I try to increase the lift by moving the feet all the way in, then they do not hit the floor when the saw is lowered. ANd if I adjust the feet to just touch when the saw is lowered, then there is only aobout 1.2 inch lift.

                  I guess I better head to the store and talk to the guys there, look at their saw to see what I hcan do about a remedy.

                  Any ideas?
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                    My partner and I invented the Herculift. I will forward this email to him and we can get you a solution. Thanks for the purchase!!


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                      Put some washers on the Herculift caster stem before mounting to the member. This will give you the effect of mounting a taller wheel and should give you some more clearance. I do not know how much extra stem is on the caster but I am sure there is a bit. Let me know if this helps, if not we can provide a couple more options.


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                        Make sure the 4 bolts that hold the lift to the saw are loose (all you need is a full nut) and make sure the large holes in the lift are down. With all that done you should be able to raise the saws legs and make it work.
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                          If you end up not being able to adjust your Herculift enough to roll across your floor, I'd think it'd be alot easier to use a different mobile base than to level the floor. Selling the Herculift should help offset the cost some.