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Squealing noise with the TS3650 fence

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  • Squealing noise with the TS3650 fence


    I am in the middle of assembling the TS3650. Just got the fence installed. I noticed that the fence makes a squealing noise as it is being moved across the rails. I was wondering if this is normal or if anyone had experienced this problem.

    Any inputs would be appreciated.


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    I had that problem initiall and solved it by adjusting my rails a slight bit higher so that the fence would not touch the table. You might also want to make sure your table/wings are perfectly flat. Does it only rub in the middle, all the way through, or one end or the other? It is not normal to do this and mine slides like silk without a peep!

    You might also want to make sure it is not something in the rails that is rubbing.

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      The fence does not seem to be touching the table. The wings are a perfectly flush (to the extent which they can be) with the table.

      The noise seems to be coming in from the front section where the fence slides against the front railing where the plastic surface rubs against the rails. I had spoken with Rigid Tech support and also the warranty work people and they suggested that I use a little wax as lubricant.


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        Mine squealed when I first put it together, also. I waxed the front rail with Johnson's paste wax, and that solved all the problem. Smooth as silk now.

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          I just put a bit of motor oil no my finger and ran it through the groove where the fnece slides.


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            Motor oil was not the best plan as it will leave a surface that will be like a magnet to wood dust. You will need to get some paste wax or TopCoat to keep rust from forming on you cast iron top so it would be best to use one of those products as a lube for the rail as they will not attract and capture dust