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New to forum, have joiner question

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  • New to forum, have joiner question

    I just picked up the Rigid joiner at HD yesterday. Is anyone using a mobile base with this joiner?


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    I use the Delta mobile base package sold at Lowe's for my jointer, which was suggested to me by others on this forum. Seems to work fine for me. I have heard others using other models as well without any issues. I am sure some of them will pipe in with some suggestions for you as well.

    Good luck on the decision.

    Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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      Ridgid Jointer

      I bought mine at HD about 6 months ago. It was a little low to use so I had to bend over to use it. I also had to move it in my crowded garage so I found some Ridgid wheels that swivel and lock at HD in the hardware section with numerous other wheels. They raised the jointer approx 3"- 4" which allowed me to move it and raised it so I don't have to bend over to use it. Because the base is relatively narrow however, you have to be carefull when moving cause it is a little tippy. Make sure you move it slowly and there are no particles, wires or other items on the floor which could cause the wheels to catch and tip the jointer over. Mine works great, good luck with yours. Rod


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        I have mine on a mobile base for the same reasons and in theory it's a good idea. In practice I'd advise tht you don't get the base that I'm using. It's a three-wheeled design where you step on a pedal to raise the base onto a large swiveling front wheel to move it and flip the pedal the other way to make it stationary. The machine seems to be too heavy for the design and I end up having to drag the wheel when pushing the machine back into its parking space.


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          I decided to buy the HTC HTC2000 Universal Mobile Base
          it costs around 55.00 to 59.00 and it is a perfect fit with only 1/4" gap all around.



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            Good question...

            I've been contemplating the Delta mobile lately myself. WW, would you recommend the Delta then for my 0610?

            I started to go the route that Rod did, only i bought just two Ridgid replacement casters for one end and stayed stationary on the other. I moved it around a little, then locked the casters and checked it's stability. I've got to tell you, those casters came off and i took them back to HD the next day.
            I'm glad they are working for you Rod, but that was just TOO scary for me. I'm skittish enough around that finger chopper so i sure don't want it unstable while i'm using it. And to be honest, after paying $350 for it i don't want to see it topple over and go BOOM.
            Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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              nobunaga-sama, looks like you got your answer on the other thread. I also have the 0610 and it does work fine for me.

              Still enjoying all 10 fingers!