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    Tell me what you think of this idea. My shop is a 2 car garage that is only used as my shop/dog house. Since the shop area is so small I have been thinking why not build a table top for my 3650 that I could use as a work bench when not using the saw. My 3650 has a router attached and I have added 2 legs on the end where the router table is. I would only use it for glue ups and maybe painting or finishing my projects. My thought is to build it with 1 by stock as a border and either masonite or 1/4" ply as a top surface. I want it to be light weight.
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    TOD, I feel pretty sure I just saw a set up like this on one of these forums. It was similar to the BT3 kind of setup where the right side of the saw was extended and there were drawers or shelves beneath. He had removed the legs of the 3650 and had it sittingon top of a doored cabinet. Imagine a backwards 'Z' (the sloped leg would be straight) __|--
    (that's the best I can do - sorry). The saw body sits on the left, the verticle leg only goes to the -- line which is an extension of the right wing. Then, you just customize the underside cabinets.


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      Originally posted by TOD
      Tell me what you think of this idea. My shop is a 2 car garage that is only used as my shop/dog house.

      like i tell my wife we do not have a garage ,its my work shop

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        The only downside that I can think of would be that you try and make it too lightweight. Lightweight can sometimes translate to flimsy which would not be a good thing for those times when a sturdy flat surface is required.
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          Sound like you want to make a skin to lay over your 3650 table top that would be framed around the edges. It could work but I wonder if there would be an issue with moisture collecting between the TS top and the cover. It you do build it then you might want to watch carefully for signs of oxidation or rust on the TS top. Maybe only put the cover on when you need it for glue-ups, etc.
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            I think the thread that ironhat is referring to was this one:


            It was an interesting idea. There are still parts of the cast iron wing on one side that is exposed which may or maynot cause an issue with glue/paint or what not, but the idea was decent IMHO.

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