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3650 $75 off (kinda)

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    Originally posted by Orange Apron
    I was told the Ridgid is accepting a photocopy of the UPC during THIS promo only, but that you have to send the UPC in for the gift card deal. Unfortunately this is just what I heard from another orangutang (sp?) and I havent heard it from a horses arse (manager) yet
    I had the same dilemma after buying my 3650. I don't wear an orange apron, so I called Ridgid's support line. I was told that they will indeed accept a photocopy of the UPC for warranty registration, so I'll be sending the original UPC to HD for the gift card.


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      Gift card and UPC dilemma

      Just to kinda steer this thread back to the gift card reference mentioned earlier...
      I just bought the Ridgid TP1300LS and now i have the same problem with the UPC. What has everybody else been doing about having to send the one original label to two different places. Since this seems fairly impossible to me, what are we supposed to do?
      Can we send a copy like Orange heard or what?
      I want my lifetime warranty, but i also want my $35 gift card too!
      Is that like the old "have your cake and eat it too"? (Which i still say should be "you can't eat your cake and have it too", but that's a different topic)
      Let me know what you guys have been doing.
      Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


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        Next shot at 3650 good prices?

        I was still doing my research on table saws and missed the recent discounts on Ridgid saws. Any idea when next good deal will be. Also considering the Craftsman 22114.


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          Originally posted by wwsmith
          You might check with your local HD. I know many of the ones here will not let you combine the 10% off for the credit card with any other offers.

          They do, and I did, you just have to spend a "NET" $2000 meaning that you need to spend $2200 to get the 10% ($200 max) back on your credit application and then the other $2000 is for the $500 qualification.