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3650 $75 off (kinda)

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  • 3650 $75 off (kinda)

    Just to let anyoen know, HD is running a power tools promo now. If you spend XX amount, you get XX amount in a mail in gift card. The 3650 gets a $75 card. If you break $600 with another power tool you get $125, basically that extra $50 tool free in otherwords.

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    How long does this promo going on? Thanks for the heads up.
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      How about the TS2400?+


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        Here is what the website says:

        Here's the Deal
        From 3/30/06 - 5/3/06, buy select power tools or a combination of select power tools and get up to a $500 The Home Depot Gift Card by mail-in rebate.*
        $199-$399 = $35 gc
        $400-$599 = $75 gc
        $600-$1999 = $125 gc
        $2000+ = $500 gc

        *Minimum qualifying purchase value excludes taxes and any other fees. Offer valid only on the single or combined purchase of qualifying power products and pneumatic fasteners from The Home Depot's hardware department and/or

        Offer NOT valid on any other power products or fasteners sold by The Home Depot and/or, including, but not limited to, electric stapling and electric gluing products, home generator stand-by units, welding equipment, wet/dry vacuums, motorized winches, chargers or power products from other The Home Depot departments, including, but not limited to the Paint Department, Plumbing Department, Electric & Lighting Department, Lawn & Garden Department, or Kitchen and Appliance Department. Offer not valid on prior purchases. Merchandise may vary. No credit if offer refused. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted. See store associate, rebate form or for complete details.
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          Imagine how many 3650s Ridgid could sell if they put them on sale right now. Hint, hint.


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            Thats what I did last weekend. Purchased the 3650 and Ridgid laminate router for $97. I have $125 in gift cards coming soon


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              I just bought a 3650 and a planer in March. Do you think I could get this offer since it was so recent?


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                $2000 worth of new tools

                First post here for a wannabe woodwoorker. Tomorrow I will go and purchase my $2000 in new tools from HD. I'll get the $500 gift card plus they have 10% and no interest for 12 mos if you open a credit card. That's $700 off. I'll be getting the Rigid 3650 table saw, planer, jointer and 12" compound miter saw plus a Ryobi bench top drill press. Then I'll spend the next 6 mos putting them together and trying to figure out how they work.


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                  You might check with your local HD. I know many of the ones here will not let you combine the 10% off for the credit card with any other offers.

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                    OK, so I just bought the 18V Drill and Jig Saw combo for $219.99 which should get me the $35.oo Gift Card. Problem is they want the original UPC for the GC but you also need to send it in to get the Lifetime Service Agreement. There's only one UPC on the box so what's a guy to do?


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                      Gift card

                      The promo ends on 5/3/06. It gets you a Gift Card. I just bought the TS 3650 and the 6" random orbital sander. I hope I get the gift card. Last year I purchased a refrigerator from Home Depot but I never received the 50 dollar gift card. I guess I might be a little gullable but if they screw it up again I might drop the 300 pound saw on their doorstep.


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                        I was told the Ridgid is accepting a photocopy of the UPC during THIS promo only, but that you have to send the UPC in for the gift card deal. Unfortunately this is just what I heard from another orangutang (sp?) and I havent heard it from a horses arse (manager) yet


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                          Help with purchase

                          My closest Home Depot is three hours away (one way) in San Antonio. I wanted to take advantage of this deal this last weekend (I had such a beutiful pile of boxes with the TS3650 and Milwaukee Body-Grip router all stacked with a "reserved" sign on top), but after seeing the size of the and weight of the saw in person I realized the foolishness of driving 180 miles with it in the back of my sedan. Must have been the thought of a broken axel 50 miles from any service station.....

                          A new Home Depot is almost finished being built not 10 minutes away from me, so it would be no problem to borrow a buddy's truck (and the buddy to help me lift the saw!). The problem? They are scheduled to open June 8, and the rebate offer is for receipts dated through May 3. My question, therefore, is this:

                          Is there some way that I could buy the saw now, maybe over the phone, and NOT pick it up but instead wait until my local HD opens, have an employee call the other store, and "swap" or something? Maybe?

                          Comments along the lines of "maybe you should just buy a truck" will be forwarded to my significant other.....

                          Thanks for the help,



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                            Maybe you should just rent a truck or trailer. But then again, it would probably cost you more to rent one of them plus the cost of gas then you would save by buying now.

                            Usually, when HD opens a new store there are specials galore for a week or more at that store. You actually might end up being better off by waiting until June to buy your saw and router.
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                              Don't know what kind of sedan you have, but most economy cars are rated to carry at least 4 150 lb people and sedans usually at least 5 or 6.. The saw only weighs around 300, so you should be safe even with the heavy router as long as you don't have a car full (I know they make everything big in Texas, but I'm assuming you don't clock in at over 600 lbs) The back bumper may be low, but if you have the correct tires and they are properly inflated, you should be okay. Might want to stay in the "slow" lane and cruise conservatively, though, because if all the weight is in the back, the steering may be not what you are used to (heading west on I10 at 90 mph is NOT recommended)
                              Realize that most of the "mini" pick-up trucks are rated to carry at least 500 lbs + a driver, and they are built on car frames. If in doubt, call the car dealer and find out the vehicles load capacity) The tough part will be getting it in and out of the vehicle. If you have a friend with a truck, it would be worth the gas money to get their help.
                              my $.02
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