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  • Has anybody else done this?

    I did a job the other day that reqired removing a lot of painted red cedar from a house. I saved it all because it was sound lumber. I figured I would just run it through my planer to get the paint off of the one side. BAD IDEA. The paint dulled the blades so fast and fouled the rollers you would not believe. You live and learn.

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    I have done this a couple of times, the first resulting in the same dull blades. The second time, I used paint stripper to get the worst of the paint off the boards. Ran the boards through after all the stripper was wiped off and had dried for a couple of hrs. Did MUCH better, the blades were still relatively sharp after running 400-500 lineral feet of 5" wide cedar through twice.

    The paint is much harder on the blades because it's alot harder than the wood. I also made the same mistake with wood filler. Man did that stuff dull blades fast!



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      I ran beveled siding through a table saw to cut the paint off the exposed edge then put the siding up backwards (the paint was on the inside then).