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need advice on planer

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  • need advice on planer

    Hi guys and gals :

    I have been out looking for a planer lately and need some advice from the membership on a good one ,i was looking at the dewalt but reading reviews almost everyone says dont but it because the blades seem to be garbage
    Can i get some feedback on the TP1300LS planer whether it be good or bad or any other brands that merit a look at.

    Thanx Nels

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    I've got the DW733 and the blades stay sharp forever (well, a very long time). Never heard any complaints about the 734 or 735 either. All the folks here who have the TP1300 seem to be happy with their choice.
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      My planer is the DeWalt DW735 and I would recommend it in a flash. Although I've seen reports that the blades supposedly dull quickly that hasn't been the case with mine so far. Like anything else, the amound of use the planer receives probably determines the users viewpoint as to whether the blades dull quickly or not. I'm not planeing hundreds of board feet at a time so , to me, they don't seem to dull quickly.

      One thing I do know is the 735 is very easy to setup and use. Maintenance on the rollers and blade changing is also very simple. Unless you plan on building some sort of infeed and outfeed system, I would recommend you purchase the optional tables. I did and so far I've experienced zero snipe.

      Another nice feature of the 735 is the on board blower. It is so powerful that in some cases it can actually inflate the dust bags on a DC without the DC being turned on.

      If there is a downside to the 735 it is the cost. I paid $500 for mine plus an extra $50 for the tables. However, if you're comfortable with buying factory reconditioned tools you can usually find someone selling recons for under $400.
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        $375.00 is this good for one.

        I have the ridgid but I do get snipe could be operator error.

        Don't know but will give it a go this weekend with some RedOak for face frame.

        Mine was $375.00 For the Ridgid.
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          I second Bd's reply on the dewalt, Its a regular workhorse, inflates dc bag without being on.....

          Heres a link for setting up for snipe its on the dewalt planers but i think it will help on others as well



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            I just bought the Ryobi AP1300 and so far, it seems to work well. I REALLY wanted the 735, but just didn't have the funds. I paid $199 for the Ryobi. It comes with cutter head lock and fold-up tables on both sides. 2 minutes of adjusting the tables and the snipe is gone.


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              Thanx guys:
              I think im going to go with the ridgid, for the price and extras(tables,bladesand stand) plus the lifetime warranty i don't think i can go wrong
              I wanted the dewalt but the extra 200-300$ minus the extras or lifetime warranty has swayed my decision (living in Canada makes everything a little more expensive)

              Anyways thanks for the input (ill post my new kitchen plantation shutter pics when im done )