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  • 240 vs 120

    I just bought a TS3650 and was wondering about the advantages about swithching the power to 240V. I was told it was cheaper to run because it uses half the amps. but I think that is wrong since the amps are drawn from 2 lines and thereby still being metered. I was also told that it is easier on the start up phase of the motor since more power is available through the 2 wire input.

    What's your views?


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    Read page 11 in your manual.

    Your table saw uses about 1,560 watts. Divide this by 240 and you get 6.5 divide it by 120 and you get 13. basically your motor needs 1,560 watts to run and when you use a higher voltage by using both phases in your home you tool then only has to draw 6.5 amps from both phases to get 1,560 watts.
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