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Assembly time for a TS3650 ?

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  • Assembly time for a TS3650 ?

    I got one this evening but have not started putting it together. How long is the average assembly time?


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    IIRC mine took about 6 hours. Take your time though and you'll find that it goes very smoothly.
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      Mountaineer -
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      It took me about 9 hrs, but I broke it up into 2 sessions. The first one I assembled the base and the Herculift ***'y, and the 2nd was the top half. Went slow cause I didn't want to do it again or screw anything up.
      Tip on the manual. Use the online manual when parts id issues come up. The online version has some better descriptions, illustrations, and part numbers.


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        [QUOTE=Hector B]Mountaineer -
        ... and the Herculift ***'y, and the ...

        Sorry, I guess the auto smut detector didn't like my abreviation of assembly.


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          Ok, Thanks.


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            One word of advice would be to get some help for the 2nd half. Putting the base together is easy, as is bolting it to the top, but you need ofur strong arms and two backs to flip it upright. I looked at trying to roll it, but realized it would make much more sense to get a second body to turn it over with me.



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              Is is heavy, I had 4 people put it on the cart at HD then one help me load it at the store, but when I got home, it was me.


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                How's it going? Have you been able to make progress? Putting together the herculift took me the most time, as I remember. It was a case of trial/error with several attempts. What took time was disassembling the failed attempts just to have to start over.

                The only other assembly headache (other than the herculift) I had was aligning the splitter. That one process has taken more time than anything else I've done on the saw! I'm going to see if there's a way to make a jig to check the alignment and help to re-align it. So far, I've taken the splitter on and off the tool a few times, and it's kept it's alignment pretty well. I feel eventually it'll have to be redone, though.

                I definately had help with flipping the saw over. I also needed help with moving the wings into alignment. I followed the manual carefully, and it did work. Just take your time, and think the steps through carefully. Otherwise, there's lots of little gotcha's that can pop up. Fortunately, everything on my saw was pretty well in alignment so I didn't have to mess with the trunions. As I gain familiarity with the saw, I'm finding things to tweek here and there, but in general, it worked perfectly right after assembling it! Maybe I was lucky, but I think the time spent going through the manual and the online manual saved me a lot of headaches later. Each step was done carefully and only after completely reviewing the process from the manuals with the saw and the parts laid out.
                I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                  I got it finished..... It took about 6 hours, everything went great, I printed the manual and took the draft copy to put the TS together so I could keep my org. manual clean, I loved it, I fired it up after I re-checked all the bolts to make sure they were tight. This baby went together smooth! I did get stuck on the motor install for about 5 min. after I re-read the install it made since, but I think it was where I was getting tired.

                  The herculift went ok, but I did luck out about the big holes facing down, I read that part after I had it bolted together, when I checked they were right.

                  As for the flipping I could'nt get anyone, everyone was gone, but I'm a big guy so I put a few blocks of soft wood under the back so the separator support would not contact the ground and lifted the beast on its legs, they are right to say this saw is heavy, it is at almost 300 lbs. but all went well.

                  I'm very pleased with the TS3650 and all I can say is....
                  It's not for sale!

                  Thanks for the help, Rick