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Okay these side wings just won't line up

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    Off topic

    Originally posted by Reef12
    Never went back and tried them again.

    Good idea might do it one of these days.

    Saw still rocks and cuts like a dream.
    Another thing I did as I had to assemble this thing by myself; I used a piece of straight, flat, steel, C-clamped on top where the table and wing meet, with a piece of pine clamped underneath. This allowed the bottom to "float" but the top was jammed against steel, so it couldn't go anywhere but flush. If you have an old machinist buddy, ask him if you can borrow a couple of pieces of high speed steel. It is usually ground almost perfectly flat.doesn't have to be big enough but to get your clamp on. A piece at each end will work fine.

    I just noticed your AK-47 avatar and I need a clue. I lost my MAK-90 to a house fire and I miss it. I've been checking prices and they seem to have doubled since I bought mine. I also don't know which version/maker to go with or stay away from. Milled or stamped? And I've been out of circulation so long I forgot which foreign ammo was reccomended. Your input is appreciated.

    If you prefer not to discuss it here, I can be reached at

    Have fun


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      Heres my 0.02 cents worth,
      I am a newbie at woodworking myself, and I purchased the TS3650 about a month ago. When I did the assembly I connected the wings with the saw upside down on a piece of 1/2 particle board large enough for the entire saw to fit on and inserted the two center bolts first and then the outside ones. I tightened down just enough to snug them and then flipped over the saw and then made minor adjustments to get the wings aligned. I didnt have to use shims, just alternated the tightening of the wing screws and it worked fine.


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        Here's someone else's solution I came across which may be of
        interest to those having trouble aligning the wings. Scroll down
        on the page to: 3.8.03 Realigning the table again
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