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Dado Blade Type?

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    i used a set of calipers to measure the shims then wrote in permanent marker what size they are.

    ps: It would be nice if they labelled them for you though.....maybe a letter is due


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      I though the arbor on the TS did not allow for stacked dados do to a depth cut in the arbor or something?


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        jdmorr: There was a problem on the TS3650 witha batch of arbors where the threads did not go all the way to the shoulder. This allowed the first chipper blade of a stacked router to drop down to thread depth, making it out of round with the other cutters. Some people got replacement arbors. and at least one posted he filled the area with JBWeld successfully. To the best of my knowledge, the problem was corrected at the factory and there are no more "bad" arbors being produced.
        The limiting factor on the saw is the thread length on the arbor. All stacked dados work up to a 3/4" stack-up. One model of adjustable dado (wobble type) is wider than 3/4" at the bushing, leaving not enough threads to install the nut on the arbor. (I forget the brand & number) I routinely use a 3/4" stacked dado set-up with no problems.
        You can use a 6" or 8" diameter stacked dado. A 6" will give you about 1 3/8" maximum depth (not width) of cut. If you need to go deeper, you will need an 8".
        Hope this clears up the confusion

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