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outfeed/router table 2424

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  • outfeed/router table 2424

    I have a 2424 does anyone know if there is either a outfeed table or router table for the left side of the table where they have that extra 9" just hanging out over there? If there is not do you know if anyone has made one or where some plans might be?

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I have a 2424 and I bought one of these from Rockler, I wouldn’t pay the current asking price for it though, when I got one it was about $50 with free shipping. It also took some modifying to enable the fence to function properly because of the front/rear locking feature. The reason I went with it is its ability to fold up and easily store it out of the way.

    I looked into this router table before I decided to go with a standalone, it appears they have changed their website because at that time the picture showed it mounted in a TS2424.



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      I just bought a 2424 and it came with the Rockler outfeed table. Do I have to drill to get it to fit? For the life of me I can't find a different way and don't want to drill unless it is needed. Any one have photos.....
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        no photos? explanations- do I need to drill?


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          Wood Magazine did an outfeed for a 2424 a couple of years back, I'll dig through the archives sometime and edit this to give you an issue number. They used some angle suspended from the wing webbing I think.
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            Thanks for the info.


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              outfeed table

              I think it was wood magazin, about 7 years ago they had plans for a outfeed table. I just had bought a 2424 and I built the table. It has been working out just great. Find the plans and build one, you will be happy