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  • driver bit stuck

    I use my 18v cordless impact driver at work doing construction. When the bit needs to be changed or switched, it sometimes (with increasing frequency as time goes on) cannot be easily removed from the bit holder. It seems that the impactor deforms the end of the bit, rounding it, and requiring me to grip the bit with vise or pliers and hammer or pry to get the bit out.

    I have talked to others that have similar problems, specifically Dewalt and Ryobi, but it may be a problem across all brands.

    Does anyone know how to reduce or eliminate this annoying problem?

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    Change out your bits more often.
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      What brand bits are you using? If they are cheapos that could be the problem.
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        Your bit holder is probably worn also. I would change it out.
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          I have the same problem with my 14.4V impact but only with some of my bits. I have not figured out which ones cause the problem but I think my Vermont American bits work fine. I have been doing many different tasks with the new house so I am switching between Robertson 1,2,3 and Phillips 2, some of my bits get stuck after only a few screws and they hit the garbage can as soon as I get them out. I have great success removing the stuck bits by holding them in vice grips and lightly squeeze the trigger in reverse, the bit then pop out as normal.


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            At work, we sometimes have this problem whenever we work with "Red Iron" (heavy guage steel). Some of the hangers complain that they have to go through as many as 6 bits a day. I went out and bought some Hilti bits, and the problem went away. Now, I have a couple of packs in the truck at all times. Usually they are just using the DeWalt tips, because they can pick them up cheap.
            I bought some at Harbor Freight, and we could almost watch them mushroom as they went in.
            The more "wiggle room" the new bits have in the holder when new, the more chance of them getting stuck.

            Just my $.02