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    I saw this come up on another thread, and thought it might be nice to get ideas of what books are useful for the woodworker. As I'm pretty new to all this, my recent purchase was:

    "Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking" by Tage Frid. Taunton Press.
    It's a very well-documented work, with tons of different topics from table saw to band saw and all the other tools. Tage writes the manual very well, and with the pictures, it's very easy to follow each process he takes you through. I find this book usually ends up open and on the benchtop by the end of the day.

    What books are you all using? Which ones would you recommend? Are there any good videos that show things like dovetail techniques or other topics?
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    I'm reading a couple books from the Library, but I couldn't tell you if they're any good. What I mean is that I'm so new that it's still all greek to me. It's interesting as hec, just need time to absorb it and then try to appy what I'm reading. Good topic. I'll have to keep an eye on it. Thanks for starting it.


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      I seen a set of four called 2X4 and they have all types of projects. I really liked them.


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        I bought the popular mechanics book called "Table saw fundamentals - The Complete Guide" IMHO is an excellent book discussing basic and advanced techniques,jigs and fixtures as well as setup and maintenance aspects
        I am in no way an advanced woodworker YET but would highly recommend this for the straight forward and practical use of the text

        It is written by Rick Peters isbn 1-58816-367-9 I purchased it from chapters if that helps



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          These are a few of the books that I would recommend;

          1. The Table Saw Book by Kelly Mehler, ISBN 1-56158-426-6
          2. Table Saw Magic by Jim Tolpin, ISBN 1-55870-512-0
          3. Complete Woodfinishing by Ian Hosker, ISBN 1-86108-247-9
          4. Understand Wood Finishing by Bob Flexner, ISBN 0-7621-0191-1
          5. Table Saw Tips & Tricks by Kennieth Burton, ISBN 1-55870-623-2
          6. The Jigs & Fixtures Bible by R.J. DeCristoforo, ISBN 1-55870-563-5
          7. Good Wood Joints by Albert Jackson & David Day, ISBN 1-55870-539-2
          8. Care and Repair of Shop Machines by John White, ISBN 1-56158-424-X
          9. The Router Book by Pat Warner, ISBN 1-56158-423-1
          10. Jointers and Planers by Rick Peters, ISBN 0-8069-6755-2
          11. The Bandsaw Book by Lonnie Bird, ISBN 1-56158-289-1
          12. Illustrated Cabinetmaking by Bill Hylton, ISBN 0-7621-0183-0

          Although not a woodworking book, the book that gets opened the most at my house is Black&Decker's The Complete Photo Guide To Home Repair, ISBN 0-86573-753-3. Every shop should have a copy of that book in it.
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            Only book I can recommend is "what not to do when woodworking" By papadan. Should be finished in a few yaers from now. LOL
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              Newbie calls it a "Gold Mine Book"

              While waiting for my library branch to transfer in, The Table Saw Book by Kelly Mehler, I picked up another, 501 Best Shop Tips For Woodworkers, Robert Settich. What a gold mine!!

              It's table of contents reads like a, "gee I never even thought of that aspect of woodworking". Beginning with Design, Selecting Materials, Stock Prep, Joinery, Gluing and Clamping, Finishing, Sharpening and Maintenance(of tools), and Machine Setup. Plus the secrets behind wood grading.

              I'm really depressed with how much I don't know. Fun ain't it?