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Gift Cards and 20% Coupon????

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  • Gift Cards and 20% Coupon????

    I see Home Depot has a power tool sale which by spending certain dollar amounts you can get different dollar value gift cards. Does anyone know if the 20% discount coupons can be used in conjunction with this offer? If so,
    I could really build my shop!

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    I had the same question. I just used the 10% off with new credit card and got the $500 gift card for spending $2000 on tools. I had seen the 20% off coupons on ebay but one of the merchants warned prospective buyers that they will have to bluff their way past a manager who has to approve those things. I guess the coupons are just for HD employees and they say on the back "not to be sold or transferred" or something like that. I didnt try it. If you do, please post back and tell us if they gave you a hard time.


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      I purchased 6 of the 20% coupons off e-bay. I have used 3 of them and never had a problem. Purchased a 3650 TS, Dewalt 735 Planer and a bunch of Jorgenson Cabinet Master parallel clamps. I went to 3 different HD and all of them accepted the coupon without a problem. Because of the discount, they did have to call a manager over to ok the credit, but it was not an issue. Never even asked where I got it.

      Make sure they are the originals with the perforation along the top were it was attached to the letter.

      Good Luck.


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        HD 20% Coupons

        I had 2 of the 20% off coupons and they were being accepted just about everywhere in south FL. Then the stores stopped accepting them without HD ID (since the coupons were meant for HD employees). However, I went to another HD on thursday and asked about the coupons and was told that HD had just sent out a memo to stores telling them to accept the coupons from everyone.....employee or not. So now the coupons are good to go and fully legit for non-HD employees. I don't think you will be able to combine the coupon with the mail-in-rebate gift card deal as both stipulate that they cannot be combined with any other offer.



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          I just used 3 of those same 20% off coupons with no problem in Hawaii. I even used one at Lowes but had problems with it initially until I talked one of the managers into honoring the coupon there.


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            Just did what you are thinking and spent $2000. The 20% worked fine and the gift card is a mail in rebate, so will be getting $500 gift buck back. AND! The HD person I know also gave me a Ridgid 10% cash rebate coupon that they had from the Ridgid rep, so it turned out to be a great deal. The only thing though is I believe the 20% expired (or HD stopped taking them) on April 30th. Good luck


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              The 20% worked fine for me too, they had to call the manager, but she didn't even look at the coupon, she just put in her code and walked away.

              The problem is that a lot of the people on eBay are selling photocopies or laserprints. So long as you have a legitimate coupon, there isn't much they can do about it, if they ask, say you used to work for HD. They can't prove you didn't.

              Of course, most of them expired yesterday, but there are still some floating around with no expiration date.